Friday, October 4, 2013

Muscle Maker Grill

I was driving today when a huge blow up balloon of a hulkish looking bodybuilder caught my eye. It was out front of a restaurant called the Muscle Maker Grill, if the big muscled up balloon guy wasn't enticing enough the name of the place surely is; I had to try it out. I was surprised though when I walked in a lot of the menu items are actually lower in calories, and low in carbs; I had originally walked in expecting this place to be more so of a bodybuilder café with huge portions of food like beef burgers, steak, chicken, rice, pastas etc. They did have some of these things but each item had only around 400-600 calories, which is great for most people, very portion controlled, but if you're looking for a dense meal loaded with calories something like Chipotle will better suit you for the same price.

This place is still really good though, I got a burger that had turkey bacon and cheese on it with a side of potato's, it was the thing with the highest amount of calories that I could see on the menu. I also got a chocolate protein shake on the side which was 6 dollars; the most expensive protein shake I've ever had! The food was all really good though, it's all cooked right in front of you, it comes out fast only about a 5 minute wait time! The downside to this place, or at least this location was that it is small inside not a lot of seating, and the parking lot which has also got to be the smallest I have ever seen is a nightmare to navigate through. The parking lot is so bad that it could actually deter me from returning just knowing that I'd have to try and deal with it. Take that away though and I like this place a lot, I'd definitely recommend it! I went to the one on...

195 Walt Whitman Road
Huntington Station, NY 11746
Phone: 631-319-1568

Just look for the giant juice head blow up guy!

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