Tuesday, April 9, 2013

BluePrint Cleanse: Kale Juice - Get Ready to Rumble

6 POUNDS of Veggies in this one bottle!
I picked this up at Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago... for no other reason than I had heard celebrities 'love this stuff' and I was curious about it. Though not quite sure why, I fell in love with the Kale juice (pictured). It's like my BODY liked it more than my taste buds and I could not stop drinking it!  I felt great for the rest of the day; refreshed and full of energy... I thought it had to be the BluePrint Cleanse juice!  I could not wait to go back to Whole Foods later that week to get another!  Later the next day I started to notice the powerful effects of this kale  juice... there was a definite "cleansing" going on that had me running to the ladies room... a lot!

Later that week I returned to Whole Foods for more only to find the shelves bare. The young man in the juice isle said they absolutely can not keep the Kale juice on the shelves, they sell out pallets of it in just a few days! Pallets of $9 juice in days?  Gosh that is impressive!! I immediately panicked; I don't want to be left out of the Kale movement frenzy, and ordered a case for almost $100 and picked it up the next day when they received delivery.

So for the last 2 weeks I have started my mornings with the BluePrint Kale Juice. It gives me such a great burst of energy I have actually stopped drinking my k-cup coffee, and enjoy my kale, apple, ginger (etc) drink instead!

So what I wanted to share with people is that I love this drink for many reasons.

1) Get regular. It is quite effective in purging (for lack of a better word) built up "stuff" in your body.  This does a better job then Senna tea for me!  But be aware - the first few days I visited the bathroom 7-8 times each day. Now it's only 4-5 a day.

2) Clean, beautiful energy. I can't describe they way I feel... but no other drink or juice has ever made me feel so darn good. I even drink it at dinner sometimes in place of wine.

100% Juice
3) It's RAW. I have no time to eat Raw, but I believe in it's principles. This juice is 100% natural, has never been heated nor flash pasteurized.  This bottle has SIX POUNDS of veggies that came from organic produce. Yum.

4) My friends has been asking me, "what are you doing different - your skin is GLOWING." I told them all about Blue Print - and now they are all drinking this magical juice too!

Just to clarify,  I am not doing a full cleanse... I am just adding one bottle a day to my normal diet which varies from day to day. Even though I still eat bad some days (hamburger, pizza, cheese, egg salad), I feel that there are positive benefits from drinking this beverage.  Though I know my low carb friends would faint at the 24g carb and 25g sugar count on this juice offensive - too bad for them.

BluePrint Cleanse juices are available at select Whole Foods and on their website for home delivery: http://blueprintcleanse.com/

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