Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Product Review: Powerful Yogurt

Picked a couple of these up the other day just to try, the price is steep at 4 bucks for a single cup, and it’s just Greek yogurt! The only difference from other Greek yogurt brands like Chobani and Oikos is that it packs 20 grams of protein! Don’t let that fool you though the other brands are not too far behind with Oikos and Chobani both having around 14 grams of protein. The real only reason why Powerful Yogurt has more protein is because it is a bigger cup with 227grams and there is simply a little more yogurt and fruit in it; along with more calories, sugar, and protein. To me it is just a clever way of marketing Greek yogurt so that the consumer will think they’re getting something extra out of the yogurt, and they do a good job. With what looks to be like 6-pack abs protruding from the sides of the cup, and a bulls head on the cover flap it gives off the appearance that this is what you want if you’re healthy and workout; at least that’s what I made out it.

 As for the flavor it was pretty good, I got acai berry flavor, and banana-which I was surprised was actually pretty good. Like the other Greek yogurts the fruit is at the bottom and you have to stir it up for a little to get the nice sweet flavor of the fruit to overcome the bitterness of the plain Greek yogurt. If you’ve ever had the other Greek yogurts out there like Chobani or Oikos than you know that Chobani tend to be a little thicker than Oikos, and Powerful Yogurt reminded me a lot of Chobani with its thickness.

The Verdict: Basically if you are not tight on money, or don’t care for that matter, and you want the extra few grams of protein and calories go for it! Otherwise I think you’d be okay just sticking with Oikos or Chobani, which you can get 3-4 cups for $5 bucks at most stores. You can even eat two at a time and get more protein for less than the price of one Powerful Yogurt; just watch the sugar amount though if you do!

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  1. Thanks for posting that review!! I've been buying these at Fairway thinking they had "a ton of protien" - I had no idea it's the same as Greek!!!! Lol - I was drawn to the cool packaging!