Monday, May 13, 2013

Garcina Cambogia Review - Does it really work?

I have seen the Dr. Oz show... and I am one of the millions that RUSH to my computer during his
show and order the latest and greatest products he touts for weight loss. When I hear the words, "Miracle weight loss pill" - I can't help but pull out my credit card and buy.  So I ordered 500 mg capsules from a company on

Now, I followed the directions religiously and followed Dr. Oz's recommended dosage of  
For me, this was a
Useless little pill.
500mg of Garcinia Cambogia, two or three times a day - one dose before each meal.  

What is says it will do:
It is supposed to drastically reduce the amount of hunger you have helping you eat less at each meal.  It is supposed drop weight is by burning fats and suppressing hunger apart from helping your body instantly utilize carbohydrates instead of exchanging and storing them into fat cells.

What it did for me:
When taken 45-60 minutes before a meal I definitely noticed that it reduced the ravenous urgency I usually have before a meal.  In most cases I think it did help me eat less, but how much less is hard to say.  It obviously wasn't that much because the scale has not gone down.

The bottom line is, I have taken this product religiously for 2.5 months and I have not lost a single pound. If anything, it may have helped me stay at the same fat weight I am at... but I have not shed a single ounce, and that is not the result I was hoping for.

Jordan told me that he trains a gentleman who has lost over 75 pounds under Dr. Bo's Diet Plan.  He has been encouraging me to go to Dr. Bo's clinic as his client is continuing to lose weight at a steady pace and has only wonderful things to say about Dr Bo.  I know that Dr. Bo's program offers different types of plans including the HCG diet. Jordan said his client only did the straight diet without the HCG injections or drops. So I am going to see Dr. Bo on Tuesday.   

Updates to come!

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