Wednesday, December 2, 2020

We did the damn thing, Precision Nutrition Level 1 in the books. I am now a certified Nutrition Coach!

We did the damn thing, Precision Nutrition Level 1 in the books. I am now a certified Nutrition Coach! ⠀ 

I loved this course and would highly recommend it to any coaches, trainers or professionals looking to increase their knowledge on nutrition and more so how to apply it with clients in a way that actually leads to lasting change, adherence, and results! ⠀

 “We thought nutrition coaching meant ‘being experts’ who give people information, and that ‘success’ would come from clients doing what we said... Clients who didn’t follow the plans weren’t ‘motivated enough’. After tens of thousands of clients, and about the same number of coaching mistakes and missteps, we came to realize that nutrition coaching isn’t that at all.” -PN Level 1, 4th Edition, Chapter 1 ⠀

I used to think I knew a ton about nutrition, but knowing how to apply it with clients in a manner in which they could understand, and more importantly stick to - I was clueless. ⠀ 

I would usually give out advanced-level meal plans, have them track their food and macros and they would usually crash and burn within a couple of weeks if not sooner. Now for someone more advanced (think athlete, model etc.) that would work in a perfect world, but for a the busy mother/father of 3 trying to juggle a hectic life and schedule, it was a recipe for disaster. ⠀ 

I’ve learned that there is no one perfect answer for everyone, no perfect diet, workout, or lifestyle. I’ve also learned that it should be a collaborative effort between the coach and the client. A coach may be a pro, but ultimately you are the pro of your life, you know yourself better than anyone. ⠀ 

We all have unique starting points and experience, the key is to start small. Start with something that you can consistently do day by day, week by week and slowly increase and or improve other habits along the way once you have the others down. ⠀ 

The next biggest takeaway is... It’s now just about diet and exercise or the physical aspect of things. We don’t want someone looking great on the outside, but feeling terrible on the inside. It’s about improving your mental, social, spiritual, existential health and so on as well!

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