Friday, June 7, 2013

High Protien Diet and Bad Breath - Quick Fix

My parents are both on a high protein, low carb diet right now and their breath is kickin'.  I know from working with a lot of athletes at the gym bad breath is a definite side effect of high protein diets.

Recently my mom started using these breath pop rocks called "32" by Thomas Connelly, DDS -
she purchased them on QVC. Hers is a link:

These effervescent breath crystals leave breath smelling minty for up to four hours. Packaged in convenient, small pouches these things are pretty effective at cleaning the mouth with pop rock like action and washing bad breath. 

I like them because they are refreshing and sugar-free!

According to the 32 OC website:
"32 utilizes our trademarked IsoVoxy Crystals in inhibiting odiferous volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) via oxidizing thiol (a.k.a., sulfhydryl) groups. What that means in Plain English is 32 works to eliminate bad breath at its source."

Try one before getting up close and personal and feel confident your breath is not offensive.

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