Monday, April 14, 2014

SandBells, a Fun, Versatile, and Effecient Tool to Get in Shape!

I was in Gym Source the other day just looking around with my Mom; she had wanted to get me
something for my birthday that  I could use with clients. She came across these sandbells and fell in love with them, she thought they were an awesome idea. I on the other hand had no interest at all; I thought they were rather dumb and pointless, they looked like whoopee cushions filled with sand. I couldn't open my head up enough to see all of the possibilities with them, but my Mom could and I'm glad she did. She insisted on buying them for me even though I didn't want them at first, and I reluctantly lugged them home. I sat in front of the comp and YouTube'd SandBell workout, and I was blown away by what I saw! I couldn't believe that I was so close-minded and unimaginative when it came to them; just about anything and everything in fitness especially in training requires thinking outside of the box and with these it helped me to open my head a little more!

Essentially all SandBells are is just 2 pieces of what feels like wetsuit material, filled with sand, and sewn shut. You can grab them, you can squeeze them, you can dig your claws into them, you can slam them, throw them, slide on them, just about anything you can imagine; they're very durable! one thing I love about them is my clients, both new and old love working with them! Clients, especially ones that are new to training and exercise can be apprehensive and intimidated when it comes to lifting weights; after all, they're heavy, metal, and you could hurt yourself if you were to drop a dumbbell on yourself. With SandBells that all goes away, and it's a great way to get new clients comfortable and familiar with working out and resistance training!

Here are a couple of my favorite videos in terms of creativity and the versatility that comes with using a SandBell, caution video number 2's music is obnoxious!


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