Friday, November 20, 2020

Is Working Out 3-5 Hours a Week Enough To Lose Weight

Hint... It’s a rhetorical question. 

You have a far bigger opportunity to burn a ton of calories throughout the entirety of your day than you do with just 1 hour of exercise alone. 

This gives you the chance to further boost, or destroy, your attempts at hitting a certain goal.

 -Keep it moving, go for a stroll at least a couple of times a day. Aim for 10k steps a day. Use your phones “health” app ❤️ to start tracking your steps.

 -Walk, run, or ride 🚴 to places when you can. ⠀ -Take the stairs. ⠀ -Plan and prep those meals out! We have all heard it so many times, diet is 80% of the equation.

 -Prioritize your sleep! Good sleep is your magic fat-loss pill! 💊

 -Do micro doses of exercise throughout the day. Ex. Set out a few “trigger” objects (dumbbells, kettlebells, bands etc). Every time you pass an item do a few reps of an exercise with it, 10-20 curls, squats etc.

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