Monday, August 12, 2013

Eating Clean Can Get Boring Sometimes... Spice It Up With SRIRACHA Hot Sauce!!!

So no matter how you prepare it, when you're eating healthy for a steady period of time things can get pretty boring after a while... From time to time I love to use Sriracha, a super spicy and tangy tasting hot sauce that tastes so good on almost anything, especially meats! Also most of the time I don't have the time or patience to prepare finely made dishes of chicken breast and ground turkey, I like to just prepare them and cook them as quickly as possible because I eat so much of them. This another reason why Sriracha is great, it's simple and packs a lot of flavor, with a spicy kick that many of you who don't like spicy foods wouldn't be able to handle.

Doesn't have to be pretty as long as it tastes good!
I use it the most on my eggs, bison patties, ground beef patties, ground turkey, and chicken breast, but there's a whole bunch of other options it can go with; a lot of people like to mix it in with their ketchup which also helps tamper down the heat. It's truly a life saver when it comes to eating chicken breast, which after a while can be so annoying bland to eat, almost like it's a chore; throw Sriracha on it and that's all over. Just be sure to have some water close by because things can get hot really fast!

To compare it to other hot sauces like Tabasco for example it's a lot different. It tastes different, and it's a lot thicker in texture than tabasco; also a lot tangier as well. I like Tabasco on some things, but I like Sriricha better. I'll put it to you like this... I don't always use hot sauce, but when I do I prefer Sriracha! Hands up if you got that one!

So just as a final warning Sriracha can be pretty hot, especially for those of you not used to spicy things, but it tastes delicious and is almost addicting I swear; so if you're daring enough give it a try! Plus you know what they say spicy foods can aide in speeding up the metabolism.

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