Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ahhhhnold Motivation

Arnold Schwarzenegger, I love this guy, he's the reason why I initially started working out! His story is very inspirational and goes to show that no matter what your goals and dreams are, you can reach them as long as you're passionate, driven, and dedicated. Now days people that I see at the gym make so many excuses as to why they can't work out, or how they can't eat healthy, but these are all lame ass excuses! Nothing in life comes easy, you're never going to have a perfect schedule which allows you to work out when you want, you're not going to just have healthy meals readily available, no one's going to just come and spoon feed you opportunity after opportunity. These are all things that you have to aggressively go after and make time for, but if you're truly passionate about meeting your goals then these things won't be a problem... If you go into something and do a half-ass job don't expect to see full-ass results, if anything at all!

Take some time to watch this video, it'll go to show you that no matter what you think is getting in your way, you can overcome it!

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