Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chipotle! So Good, but Healthy Too?

It's highly unlikely that you haven't fallen into the Chipotle bandwagon yourself or at least heard of it
anyways. I think this place is delicious and I eat there at least 2 times a week! Question is though, is it healthy? You can see all the signs inside the restaurant saying things like "naturally raised chicken, beef, pork... No anti biotics... no rBGH... Grass fed beef" and so on... So in that aspect of things, sure it is good quality food, it's made fresh, and brought up clean, so I'd say it is "healthy" for you. What about when we talk about dieting though, is it still considered healthy? The answer is yes and no; just because something is healthy doesn't mean that you can't still get fat off of it, and with a lot of the ingredients chipotle offers you have to weary of that. I put a link straight from the Chipotle website, it's a nutritional calculator which will tell you exactly all the nutrients and calories in whatever you get!

Just a couple of tips...
- Always go with the bowl, as the tortilla has 9grams of fat and a ton of sodium!
- Go with chicken as it has the least amount of fat and sodium compared to the other meats they offer.
- Try and hold off on the cheese and sour cream (this one is hard), if you have to get it, get one or the other not both; as they both combined have 18.5grams of fat!
- If you're going low carb, cut down on the beans and rice.

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