Sunday, May 26, 2013

Healthy Eats... 99% Lean Ground Turkey with Red Potatos, Low Fat Cheese and Salsa

Here's a pretty quick and easy food option for you to try! It's healthy and can be perfect for a low carb diet depending on how much potatoes you use. As for the cooking, 99% lean ground turkey can dry out and cook very easily so be weary of that; you don't want to cook it that fast... before I cook it I throw 1-2 table spoons of olive oil in the pan and break the 2 pounds of 99% lean ground turkey down as much as I can with the spatula; it's easier to do it when it's raw than cooked. When it's cooking you may have to throw some additional olive oil into the pan. Also feel free to throw in your favorite seasonings just keep in mind the sodium content.

Midway through cooking I threw in the red potatoes plain and simple; I cut them in quarters before hand, and that's it! Depending on how low carb you may be going be careful as to how much potatoes you use as they're very dense in carbs. Afterwards I threw on some low fat cheddar jack cheese and Herdez green salsa to help with the plain flavor and dryness. If you find that yours is still too dry to handle try throwing a little coconut oil into the mix as it will make a big difference and help a lot!

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