Monday, April 15, 2013

Best Times to Eat Fruit

It's a pretty common misconception that eating a lot of fruit is healthy and will help you to get lean and skinny. Although fruit is good for you is it really the best thing for losing weight, not really! Obviously in certain scenarios fruit is a way better alternative if you had to choose between a banana and a snickers bar, or an apple and pizza. The reasoning behind why fruit isn't the best option for losing weight is because most fruits have a lot of sugar in them, and sugar means a lot of simple or fast digesting carbs; meaning you're going to be feeling hungry pretty soon after having a serving of fruit. A way better alternative to fruits is veggies, veggies provide all of the same health benefits and nutrients as fruit with little to no sugar and or calories; certain veggies also have a lot of fiber to keep you feeling fuller longer.

But, I'm not telling you to cut out fruits completely, they're still good and can hold purpose in your diet! The best times to have fruit if you're going to eat it are right when you wake up and have breakfast, as well as immediately post-workout. These are both times when the body has low blood sugar and is looking for energy, and there's nothing better to fit the bill then some good quality fruit! For example it would be good to throw in an apple into your breakfast, and have a banana and some berries right after working out. Not only is it good for you but you will really feel better right away! Just don't forget to get your protein in with every meal, whether it be from a shake or meat. Just be sure though that if you are going to have fruit with a protein shake that the protein powder you're using doesn't have a lot of carbs already in it. So again just to review, keep fruit to a minimum, no more than 2-3 servings every day, generally upon waking at breakfast and post-workout with protein.

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