Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Powerful Snack: Sprouted Grain Toast with Peanut Butter, Blueberries, and Honey

A lot of my clients ask me for tips and advice on what they should eat for healthy snacks or for things they can include into a bigger meal, and this is one of them! Loaded with fiber, plant protein, slow carbs, and with just the right amount of honey and sugar for flavor and a quick boost of energy this snack packs a punch! It’s quick, easy to make, and it tastes good!

All the ingredients you’ll need are already in the title, sprouted or whole grain bread, organic peanut butter; I recommend getting it from either Fairway or Wholefoods, using the machine that grinds the peanuts down right in front of you. You’ll also need some blueberries, preferably organic, and honey; there are all kinds of honey pretty much any one will do. I used a special kind of honey known as Manuka honey, which is supposed to have natural healing properties and prevent illness; it cost 32 dollars, yikes!

ALSO Great with Blackberries,
Raw Shredded Coconut and Honey Drizzle!
This snack can keep you satisfied for hours!
The procedure is very simple too, simply put a slice or two of bread in the toaster, when they’re done spread on your pb, dribble some blueberries on top, and drizzle a little honey over it all; key point a little honey. Also before you drizzle the honey on, you can split the berries with a knife and kind of spread them on the toast, it’s up to you.

Now on the subject of sprouted grains vs. whole grain bread, I’ve been researching it all morning and basically when it comes down to it sprouted grain bread is the best, but whole grain bread is really not too far behind at all, and it is a lot cheaper. Just make sure if you do get whole grain bread that it really is whole grain, don’t get tricked by clever marketing; it’s it real you should see “100% whole grains” within the first few ingredients.

You can have a couple pieces when you need a quick, healthy snack between meals, or you can have it at breakfast as kind of like a dessert for example. I just really recommend that you have a little animal protein with it, for example: egg whites, protein shake, Greek yogurt, and so on… Enjoy!

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