Thursday, April 11, 2013

Product Review: Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition

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Amino Energy is a simple yet effective energy and amino acid supplement which you can mix in water, hence the name Amino Energy! It can be used as a mellow pre-workout, an intra-workout, or even just taken throughout the day when you need a lasting energy boost without a crash. It has plenty of BCAA’s and other free form Aminos which can be crucial in the prevention of muscle catabolism by the body; especially during times when you’ve had minimal calories, or you are dieting! There’s only 10 calories, and about 100mg of Caffeine extracted from green tea and green coffee sources. This allows for the caffeine delivery to be dispersed slower rather than to be delivered right away making you feel cranked out then crash soon after like other pre-workout blends do. Instead you’ll be feeling alert, energized, and focused longer; also just to put the caffeine dose in Amino Energy into perspective the average cup of coffee has about 80mg of caffeine.

So it’s basically a Kool-Aid like powder you throw in some water and it mixes very easily. You can chug it down right away or sip it throughout the day. A lot of the time I’ll buy a gallon of water and just throw 2-3 scoops in there and drink it throughout the day, sometimes if I need a real kick then I’ll mix it in a small water bottle and gulp it down. As for the taste it can be really strong, but good!
 It’s relatively cheap if you go to the right places or order it online; at Xsport here in Garden City you can buy it for $17, but I know GNC has it for around $50, rip-off!
So if you’re new to supplements, especially pre-workouts I’d definitely recommend you try Amino Energy and see how you like it… 

Here’s the website so you can get a better look:

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  1. Thank u for your tips but pls I want to get big and strong, I don’t get time to eat properly and do shift work,sometimes on earlys or lates even middle, so my training is not consistent so pls what do you recommend I do or take in Pre Workout Supplements to get big and strong.