Friday, April 19, 2013

Hungry? Snack on This Between Meals: Almonds

Did you know that eating just as little as 24 almonds is enough to suppress your appetite and keep you feeling satisfied between meals? 

It’s important to eat unsalted and uncooked raw almonds, not roasted or slated. Almonds are loaded with vitamins and nutrients and due to the vitamin E a lot of people swear on their acne-healing benefits. Almonds are also good when dieting because they’re considered a healthy fat, and many make the mistake that when dieting you have to cut out all the fat. This is very unwise, the body still needs fat and Almonds are an excellent source of healthy fat! 
Raw, Unsalted Almonds
Are Best.

Studies actually  show that people who supplemented  and ate healthy fats while dieting like omega 3 fish oils, avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, and almonds (to name a few), as a part of their everyday diet burned and lost more fat and kept more muscle than others who did not! 

So go try some, if you have a Costco membership you buy huge 2-3lb bags of raw almonds and other various nuts.  Costco is a great place to buy fresh, raw, unsalted almonds and outstanding prices!  

SMART Tip: I tell my clients to pre-bag 24 almonds into some snack size zip-locs, and keep them handy in their car, handbag, desk, briefcase or locker... this way if hunger or cravings hit you grab the almonds and not a doughnut!   

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