Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Is Insomnia Making You Fat? Get To Sleep With Lemon Balm.

I have read studies before about how insomnia or sleep deprivation can hinder weight loss efforts.
I know this is true for me because when I am exhausted... I crave crap. I will go to the diner and order a Cheeseburger or I will salivate for a salty pizza. Items that I don't usually crave seem to get stuck in a lusty loop of desire in my head whenever I am sleep deprived.
The Tincture Tastes
Mild in Water...
Light Lemon Flavor

Insomnia has been my cruel mistress for a while, and it recently became exacerbated after using prescription Phentermine for three months (I did lose 25 lbs, but my phentermine experience is a whole new blog).

Like millions of others, I recently saw the Dr. OZ show about all natural cures for ailments and he mentioned lemon balm. Lemon balm is used to help control anxiety, but it also has a natural and mild sedative effect.  It is also supposed to help improve overall sleep quality so that you awake having had a good level of sleep.

I had heard about lemon balm before, and a friend of mine described it as, "All natural Xanex".  So after the show I picked some up a tincture of it at Whole Foods.  I have been putting 30 -40 drops in a 16 ounce bottle of water I keep next to my bed.  This way, when I wake up at 3:00 am  (always my witching hours for insomnia), I chug a few swallows and get lulled back to sleep pretty quick. Could it be a placebo effect? Maybe, but I totally don't care because I am thrilled to be sleeping so soundly!  I have also taken it before bed and find myself dead asleep about 1 hour later.

There is also a lemon balm tea, but I found it completely ineffective.  I highly recommend lemon balm tincture for some good zzzzzzz's.

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